Tony Rush and the Empower Network

Tony RushSince having joined the Empower Network just over a year ago, Tony Rush has become the fourth affiliate with the evolutionary marketing and personal development company to earn over $1,000,000.

Not only is Tony Rush a rockstar when it comes to home business, he’s also a leader in both the marketing and personal development fields, a visionary here at the Empower Network and the Extreme Team, and an exemplary mentor and a good friend.

In this article, you’ll have a chance to learn a little more about Tony, as well as have the opportunity to join our growing team with the Empower Network where you can learn how to earn a substantial income in record time by blogging from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule.

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Tony Rush

In this short video filmed in Atlanta Georgia during an Empower Network team training exercise with the Extreme Team, Tony Rush speaks about the power of association and how an individual can dramatically accelerate his or her personal growth and success by simply getting in the environment of successful leaders.

The Empower Network and the Extreme Team offer outstanding products, unparalleled support and a business opportunity designed to get you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Click on the link below to learn how you can join myself and Tony Rush in the Extreme Team and the Empower Network, and begin earning a powerful income blogging from the comfort of your home.

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Tony Rush: A Friend and Business Partner

I first met Tony Rush in 2007, and have been impressed with him ever since. Not only is Tony an outstanding example of what’s possible when an individual commits completely to his or her dream, he is also an outstanding example of a leader supporting the growth of others and his team.

In fact, I don’t recall a single instance where Tony has not been available to support and demonstrate leadership for the benefit of others.

Tony Rush, always smiling, present and available to help those seeking to improve their lives, is not only a valuable friend, but also an invaluable business partner.

Tony Rush: A Leader in Personal Development

Personal development is essentially the path of self-mastery, often within the context of getting real and tangible results in one’s life.

Tony Rush is among the elite core of individuals who are powerful examples of walking the talk, entrepreneurs who teach and lead first and foremost by example.

Ever since I’ve known Tony, his passion for personal success has been matched only by his passion for sharing the principles of success with others.

Tony Rush: A Leader in Home Business

Having been a leader in home business, direct sales and network marketing for over a decade, Tony Rush has seen practically every opportunity on the planet come and go, rise and fall.

It’s of no small significance that Tony has chosen to hang his hat at the Empower Network. In all honesty, the fact that Tony Rush had joined the Empower Network was instrumental in my own decision to join the new marketing company I had begun hearing so much about.

Tony Rush Earns One Million Empower Network

Few businesses promise such a powerful opportunity and the potential for such massive success in such a short amount of time.

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Tony Rush: A Leader in the Empower Network

Since having joined the Empower Network in early 2012, Tony Rush has quickly established himself as a leader within the evolutionary new marketing company.

Co-founders David Wood and David Sharpe lean on Tony consistently to not only host training calls and events, but to help shape the very future and culture of the Empower Network itself.

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Tony Rush: A Leader in the Extreme Team

Logo Extreme Team Empower NetworkTony Rush heads the Extreme Team here with us at the Empower Network, providing invaluable leadership and training, including daily marketing and mindset calls, a weekly webinar, a private Extreme Team training website, and team events and special training opportunities to support your growth and success with this unique business opportunity.

Tony Rush is a remarkable leader, business partner and friend in that he shares everything, believes in keeping things simple, leads by example, and is living life on purpose and with passion.

When you get started with us in the Empower Network, you’ll have the absolute best training and support system available in the industry.

The key to success in home business, as with anything in life, is in leveraging the power of association by immersing yourself in the environment and in the company of those who are getting the results you seek.

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“Cogita Tibi… It’s Latin for, ‘Think for yourself.’ If I were ever going to get a tattoo, that’s what it would say.

“Soooo many people sleepwalk and knee-jerk their way through life… There’s no shortage of people who believe (and repeat) all kinds of things that no otherwise-intelligent person should ever believe or claim.

“I shudder to think what my life would look like if I’d stayed on the path I was on as a younger man and not learned how to develop critical thinking skills nor learned to question the ideas that are put in front of me.

“Think for yourself. I think that’s THE most important thing that a person can do in their life. Because until we do that, everything else we do is subject to crumble and fall.”

— Tony Rush

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